Chase vs. Everything


Inspired by the vloggers and internet creatives rising to fame, some time in 2013 I decided it'd be a great idea to make videos in my bedroom and upload them to YouTube. I never expected to be making it my job three years later.
Nowadays, Chase vs. Everything is my main creative platform -  a place where I can share my life, ideas and travels with over 17 000 of my closest friends. This project is about making the world a better place through inspiring millenials to live a more adventurous, creative and fulfilling life. I make content that I need to see myself, from life tips that push me to be a better person, to little reminders that there is good out there in the world and that I have much more to explore. 
I've been covered by media including Huffpost & LocalWolves Magazine and have worked with some cool companies but am always looking for great brands to collaborate with. 
I'm currently represented by SoulPancake so if you'd like to work on something on my channel you can chat to or flick us an email through using the contact form on this site!
one of my latest videos
chase vs. everything is about spreadin' the love... as dorky and cliche as that sounds
meeting viewers at Vidcon 2016

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